Scott Addis

Born and raised in a small southwestern town of rural Pennsylvania, Scott Addis grew to love nature from a very young age.

His first teacher was his father, who would bring him hunting and fishing, and also spent hours sketching and drawing with him, both in nature, and from pictures taken around their mountain home.

As he grew older, the small town grew constrictive, and Scott ventured out on his own. First was an enlistment in the Navy, which exposed him to different countries and landscapes, and then he settled in Cincinnati. There he took some classes in drawing and composition, and taught himself to paint.

Artist’s Statement

My paintings are an expression of mood or emotion within a design that allows a window in for people to see what they want or need to see.

Whether the work is moody – angry or brooding – joyful or exciting – restive or peaceful - the colours and brushwork allow me as an artist tools to both experience and express what I am feeling. These feelings come on strong, are hard even to experience and only a glimpse of them can be translated onto the canvas.

The design of a painting is cartooned, borrowed from nature or worked from the figure, in order to allow the public to see something of them in the work. Hopefully most everyone has seen a lazy summer day, full of heat when nothing can be done. We’ve seen glimpses of sunsets with the promise of another day, rain clouds that remind us of troubles, mornings full of light and promise. The more specific the subject matter, the smaller the window of common experience that is shared.

The tension between the message and the window is truly difficult to achieve – too much of one or the other is disastrous to the painting, but working within these parameters gives the work meaning and reward.

Scott Addis

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Original Oil Paintings  
Scott Addis Back Stretch Original Oil Painting Scott Addis Backstop Original Oil Painting
Back Stretch
16 X 20, F 21 X 25
30 X 40, F 35 X 45
Scott Addis Weather Original Oil Painting  
12 X 16
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