Javier Mulio
Javier Mulio [1]

JAVIER MULIO — The artist, Javier Mulio, describes his style as realism and his favored subject is still life.

Javier Mulio was born on December 24, 1957 in Alcoy, Alicante, Spain.  Due to the number of artists in his home city, and the special relationship he had with some of them, Mulio began to paint at the age of fourteen. 

At the age of eighteen Javier Mulio began his formal training in art.  During his education and training he studied under the Spanish  artist and teacher Mila Gomez, in Alcoy, Alicante, Spain from 1973-1976.

Javier Mulio began painting professionally after he completed his schooling in 1978.  Since this time he has exhibited in other galleries, including Galeria Sanchez, Granada Spain in 1982; Galeria Aguando, Logrono, Spain in 1995; and Galeria Soria, Chateauroux, France, 1996.

The works of Javier Mulio are in private and corporate collections throughout  the Far East, Europe and the Americas. 

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Original Oil Paintings

Javier Mulio Just One More Original Oil Painting Javier Mulio Raspberry Galore Original Oil Painting
Just One More
12 x 8, F 22 x 18

Raspberry Galore

11 x 14, F 23 x 26

Javier Mulio Timeless Original Oil Painting Javier Mulio To The Sea With Love Original Oil Painting
14 x 11, F 22 x 19
To The Sea With Love
12 x 8, F 22 x 18
Javier Mulio Iris Beauty Original Oil Painting Javier Mulio Cookie and Tea original oil painting
Iris Beauty
14 x 11, F 23 x 20
Cookie and Tea-17923
13 X 10, F 23 X 20
Javier Mulio I'll Have Crackers With That Original Oil Painting  
I'll Have Crackers With That -A3532014
11.5 X 14, F 18 X 21
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