Markus Pierson King Maker Limited Edition Mix Media

Markus Pierson

King Maker
Limited edition mixed media

Size: 35.75” X 30.75”

A sea of admiring eyes, a river of flowery words spoken by would-be suitors, the burden of too much choice – this she must bear.  If she had never laid eyes on me her life would still have been rich, for she was born a King Maker. Difficult to impress, disdainful of false praise or modesty, so keenly aware of the heights I could reach if I truly set my mind to it.  She is both the storm and the shelter from it, the sentencing judge and the ‘get out of jail free’ card, a stiff kick on my backside and a comforting smile of understanding. A life all on her own or with some other fella would be full and proud, but lucky me – I hold the key, I wear the crown.