Markus Pierson Village Idiot Limited Edition Lithograph

Markus Pierson

Village Idiot

Size: 16” X 16” Each

  1. Without a word spoken, I cast my lot to the vagaries of the sky. They think me a fool, the ‘Village Idiot’.  But what I sought did not exist on frodden soil. You took wing, and thus, so did I.

  2. Yet they fear for so uncertain and I chase dream, you see, is you, my heart yours. I encounter other dreams they are fearless, and me, for my dream is it without caution, my for the taking…. Or the breaking.

  3. Oh, the height, the sight, the bright white sky light that is you. My faith blind, all-consuming. You seem unattainable, but I know no other way. It is you and I, or I am as the dust that blows.

  4. My heart, falling as if dropped from the sky, its’ fate uncertain. I, the town, all wondering the same thing; will you cradle this heart, crown me king?  Or am I, indeed, the village idiot. Either way – no regrets, coyote.